Russian forces are massing on the eastern border of Ukraine in numbers not seen since the outbreak of hostilities between the two states in 2014. Resources have been brought in from units as far away as Siberia, and open sources have logged and analysed significant increases in personnel and equipment in bases close to the Russian border with Ukraine. Western leaders have pledged ‘unwavering support’ to the Ukrainian president whilst complaining about aggressive actions to Vladimir Putin.

Whether the military build-up is posturing or preparation for action is unknown. However, Russian military activity and Western responses over the last 15…

As the world ramps up COVID-19 vaccination production and delivery, two newly estranged political entities are at odds over supplies of the vaccine between each other.

view of the AstraZeneca office building in Brussels, Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2021 (AP Photo/Mark Carlson)

Following the announcement by AstraZeneca that it will only be delivering around 25% of the 100 million doses of vaccine promised by the end of March (due to a reported production problem at its Brussels facility in Belgium) and the refusal to re-allocate supply from UK production sites, the EU is taking various urgent steps to secure sufficient supplies for the next few months. The UK and EU are now looking to prevent supplies from being exported to each other in a ‘tit-for-tat’ move that serves to worsen already strained relations following the fall out from Brexit. …

From the beginning of ‘America First’ to the grisly end of riots, insurrection and impeachment, the Trump presidency has pulled the USA increasingly away from its previous positions of influence throughout the world. Indeed the Trump Administration looks to be actively engaged in sparking foreign policy problems in order to cause maximum disruption for the incoming Biden team, rather than with any view on what is good for the country. Throughout the Trump Administration this lack of consistency and erratic foreign policy measures have brought about a reduction of trust in the USA, even amongst former close allies.

Can the…

The failure to adequately plan for the events at the Capitol Building on 6th January 2021 shows either rank incompetence on behalf of whoever planned the security for the event, or a politically-led willingness to downplay the risks leading directly to penetration of the building.

As events began to unfold at the Capitol on Wednesday 6th Jan, it quickly became clear that security and police forces were under-resourced and ill-prepared for the type of activity taking place. This is extremely puzzling as the agenda, logistics and planned actions had been extensively reported by international and US media outlets over the…


An experienced intelligence and security leader. I have worked for many international organisations around the world in high risk and fragile states.

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